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Wish well cards spread out on a table. Do you have a wish for this community?

During the run of The Gospel of Lovingkindness, we asked audience members to share their wish for our community’s future. These wishes will be added to the stream of community wishes at the Arts on Chicago Wish Well on the corner of 35th Street and Chicago Avenue, but here are a few highlights:

"Passionate. Painful. Powerful. Poetic. --Pioneer Press "breathless" "insightful" --CityPages "Don't miss it. See it twice." --Minnesota Theater Love "moving, heart-breaking, inspiring" "an electrifying production" --Talkin' Broadway

The reviews are in! THE GOSPEL OF LOVINGKINDNESS “resonates in age of ‘Black Lives Matter,'” is “passionate, painful, powerful [and] poetic,” and has “a savage, breathless, you-can’t-peel-your-eyes-away edge.”

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